Auto Air-con Module

Being the leader of air-conditioner components in the world, Man Zai offers quality products and comprehensive production lines including condensers, evaporators and heater cores. Our heat dissipation products have attained 80% market share of most popular auto models. Man Zai has overall control of self-manufactured products from QC to delivery; requirements of customers, whether those of the OEM or of different levels in the maintenance market, can be fully satisfied with services offered by Man Zai.

Comprehensive laboratory facilities offer the best endorsement for Man Zai’s product design. Future plans include combining with relevant industries for the possibility of providing complete HVAC Systems. More than 2000 models of condensers are provided to comply with customer needs in different markets. The penetration covers 80% of the most popular automobile models.

  • Condenser Units
  • Evaporator Units
  • Heater Cores