Flexible and mobile production model

1. Production combination with automatic/manual machines: To cope with customer requirements of both massive (OEM) models and small quantity of versatile (AM) models with the expectations of a quick response to market requirements and the shortening of delivery time to the customer.

2. A total of 4 welding lines and processes in Taiwan and Xiamen: To cope with customer requirements, different lines can be set up with different production conditions and raw material sources for flexible application with a capacity of 2 million units per year (the status of 2014) that meets quality/cost benefits as well as competitiveness in price.

3. Continued impetus given to site rationalization projects: Including continued promotion of production line allocation, action analysis & waste elimination, lean production, Toyota Way, etc.

4. Incorporation of efficiency monitoring and continued improvements into KPI: Real-time synchronization of logistic/information flow, control of production status in response to market requirements, MBO target management, and efficiency elevation.


To respectively cope with versatile small quantities for AM markets and massive production for OEM markets, Man Zai has recently injected capital for purchasing SW/HW facilities and constructing information platforms with Oracle ERP as the core for combining with PLM (Product Life-Cycle Management) and iSupply (Supply Chain Management), forming a powerful IT-based service procedure that provides the operation team with integrated customer services.